Friday, November 10, 2006

múmia / mummy

műkorcs / bastard imitation

minden / everything

meditator / meditator

matador / matador

manó / gremlin

magány / privacy

leninszellem / leninghost

lelkipásztor / pastor

lecsurgó fej / dropping head

elsőbbségadás kötetlen / priority sign

kopasz / bald

kocsi / car

kezes / bail

heil / heil

háttal / back-to-back

harcos / soldier

happening / happening

gulliver / gulliver

gratia / gratia

gótika / gothic

globus / globus

fejetlen / ahead

fejes / header

életmentő / saver

csúcs / peak

beuys - beuys - beuys

auto / auto

Saturday, August 26, 2006


I made 100 CD cover-sized collages. The realization could mostly be defined as an attention therapy. Collecting the base material itself for the collages had taken half a year. I tried to spot something grotesque, strange, not appropriate detail in each picture. The conscious increase of the level of attention had become both part of my everyday life ad a kind of skill.
The collages had been on display on CD covers with discs in them. Most of the pictures deal with social, cultural problems rather than offering some kind of esthetic, formal solutions.
On the CDs few seconds long repetitions, sounds of a stalling record player could be heard.The system had appeared on a web site as well. Besides hearing stalling sounds there were small changes happening in each picture when using the MouseOver function.
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